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Our Story

Nervecentre Next Generation EPR has been designed with – and for – clinicians to support hospitals as they tackle their most resonant challenges; patient safety and patient flow.

Nervecentre revolutionises patient safety and productivity within a hospital, through applications that make it easier for clinicians to communicate, share data, and leverage the whole hospital resources.

We uniquely provide a whole hospital platform that can deliver electronic observations, clinical noting, task management and clinical assessments; and allows governance and escalation management to be added to any hospital process.

Nervecentre HQ

Our Story

Our staff explain what makes them proud to work for Nervecentre and how we’re different.

iMax Theatre, London

Next Generation EPR Launch

Paul Volkaerts, CEO and founder of Nervecentre, discusses his views on the future of the EPR market as well as Nervecentre’s vision for the Next Generation EPR.

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