We firmly believe that the best way for Trusts to exploit the capabilities and benefits of mobile devices is to study the rich data captured by Nervecentre, and build processes based upon that data. To help Trusts achieve this we provide a number of ways that Trusts can access the data.


Export into your Data Warehouse
All data from Nervecentre can be exported automatically and routinely into a Trust Data Warehouse. This export is intelligent and can decode and flatten the data on export to ensure rich information is available for the Trust to analyse.

Patient Reporting
Specific tools are available in Nervecentre for producing PDF reports of a patient’s stay, or a period of time during their stay, that can show all observations, handover notes, tasks or assessments performed on the patient. A full set of interactions can be produced in seconds.

Ad-hoc Reporting
Search tools allow instant access to historical data on tasks, users and patients, ideal for investigating incidents or ad-hoc reviewing of performance.

Instant Charts
A chart builder allows instant PDF charts to be created according to your needs, with data reported by ward, role, user or time.

Customised Reports
More complex reports can be defined using report definition files, and can be scheduled to be automatically emailed on preset intervals.

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