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A mobile-first approach to bed management delivering more accurate real-time status and improving flow.

Mobile approach
Optimal Bed management relies upon real-time data about the status of beds and patients. Real-time information can only be captured efficiently using mobile devices, that allow nurses and doctors to update patient and bed status whilst with the patient.

Improve Flow from ED to Discharge
Nervecentre allows every step of the patient journey to be captured and viewed from mobile devices, improving real-time bed status and flow.

Improved visibility
A live dashboard of patients arriving through ED and TCI, outliers and patients awaiting internal transfers shows alongside a live view of bed status; for easy matching of patient to available bed.

Integrated with PSAAG
Nervecentre Bed Management fully integrates with Nervecentre Patient Status at a Glance – the free ward “electronic whiteboard” solution.

Improved Data
Nervecentre can provide a comprehensive reports and exports to your data warehouse that allow a Trust to understand their specialty volumes and bed requirements in more depth.

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