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A platform approach to assessments, supporting standard assessments and allowing Trusts to customise or build their own.

Configurable assessments
In addition to the standard assessments such as VTE, Dementia and MUST, Nervecentre includes an assessment toolkit to allow Trusts to develop their own assessments, or create local variants.

Remove paper, reduce duplication
Entering assessments into mobile devices not only reduces the reliance upon paper, but it saves on the duplication of effort by ensuring fields that are known about a patient are not entered multiple times.

Improve Governance
Leveraging Task Management capabilities, Nervecentre can ensure all assessments are completed within predefined business rules, or escalated to ward managers.

Configurable Triggering
Assessments can be automatically triggered upon admission or transfer based upon the patient’s demographics, specialty, ward, age or consultant.

Sophisticated and configurable reporting allows demonstration of compliance to assist with continuous improvement and CQUIN targets.

Evidence for Change

Department Of Health

Department of Health

Using the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN)…

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