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Embed Mobile Clinical Photography into every step of the patient journey.

With every nurse and doctor carrying a mobile device, smart-phones are set to revolutionise how clinical photograhy is used in hospitals.

Secure and IG Compliant

Photos are never stored on the mobile, even when first taken. They are securely transferred into Nervecentre where they are stored, and can only be accessed by staff with appropriate access permissions. All accesses are audited.

Photos for every step in the journey

The ease of access to a Mobile Camera allows Mobile Clinical Photography to go beyond the traditional wound management to every aspect of patient care – all stored and categorized by Nervecentre.

Managed photo library

Nervecentre organises your photos for you, ensuring photos are filed against the right patient and categorised for easy access.

Integrated into the Patient Record

With the appropriate permissions, a clinician can view photos anywhere, on a mobile device, on a large screen for a board round, and always fully integrated into the patient information, forming an integral part of the care plan.

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