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Secure mobile instant messaging designed for clinicians, integrated into patient records

Presence-enabled communications integrated with clinical information
Studies show communication breakdown is a factor in over 70% of avoidable patient incidents. Nervecentre provides a full hospital communication system, integrated into clinical systems to allow communication to be an integrated part of patient care.

Patient Centric Instant Messaging
Nervecentre provides secure instant messaging that occurs within the context of a patient, providing positive patient identity and reducing the need to type unnecessary patient details.

Intelligent Staff Lists
Staff lists automatically show the care team for a patient, allowing any clinician to communicate with the team around a patient without needing to know the right person to speak to. For all staff Nervecentre can show, where they are, their status and their workload.

Click to Call
No need to call switchboard to call or chat with another member of staff, even if they are using a shared device, Nervecentre provides seamless click-to-call.

Bleep Replacement
Replace or compliment a traditional bleep system, using smart phones and your wireless network.

Tannoy and Audio Paging
Replace tannoy and audio paging with live audio streaming to Cisco wireless phones over wi-fi, leveraging Nervecentre’s business rules to be able to direct audio calls to the most appropriate team.

Nurse Call
Integrate with traditional Nurse Call systems or RFID tags to deliver alerts direct to nurses handsets, reducing the time to respond and improving efficiency.

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