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Mobile devices allow a transition from recording of information for handover, to continuous care supported by real-time information.

Fully Configurable
A range of handover profiles can be configured to meet the differing needs of nurse, medical and surgical handover.

Share Information
Information can be shared between nurses and doctors, removing the duplication of entry and ensuring teams are working to consistent data.

Ward Round
Integrated ward round support allows tasks and patient information to be captured directly on the ward round, providing real-time information for continuous care.

No Record Locking
Multiple clinicians can update any records on the same patient at the same time. This becomes vital when moving to mobile data entry where changes become shorter and more frequent.

Out of Hours
Daytime tasks can be handed over to the out of hours team at the click of a button, removing the risk of tasks being missed during handover.

Evidence for Change

BMA Junior Doctors Comittee

BMA Junior Doctors Comittee

Safe Handover, Safe Patient: Guidance on clinical handover …

Download PDF >



ACCA report & deployment at UHL

Download PDF >

Leicester Poster

Leicester poster

Breaking Down Communication Barriers

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