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Electronic capture, calculations of EWS, and automated cascading escalations to ensure recognition is followed by rescue.

Simple Observation Capture
Every effort has been made to ensure the entry of observations is as simple as possible, whilst preventing entry of invalid data.

Immediate Alerts
Observation values that require immediate attention, such as very low sats, alert immediately without requiring the nurse to complete the set of observations.

Due and Overdue Reminders
Observation frequency is automatically set based upon EWS value, with notifications and escalations configurable for due and overdue observations, and ward based compliance reporting.

Adults and Paediatrics
Nervecentre support adult charts, age-based paediatric charts and maternity charts. The NEWS charts can be used for adults, or Trust’s can retain their local charts. Patient chronic conditions and circumstances are accommodated to provide whole-hospital observations.

Cascading Escalations
Nurses can escalate to doctors without leaving the patient bedside, and the system will cascade intelligently to ensure the quickest and most appropriate response, day or night.

Document Management
Integration with document management systems provides access to live Observation Charts via clinical portals, in addition to the built-in PC and tablet charting support.

Evidence for Change



A review of the care of patients who died in hospital with a…

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