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Nervecentre Hospital at Night enables the allocation of linked tasks and notifications to the most appropriate clinician based on skill-set, availability, relationship to patient, current workload and location within the hospital.

Better for Doctors
Reduced interruptions allowing doctors to spend more time providing care. Tasks are sent directly to the doctors smart phone, with distinctive ringing so the doctor can understand the priority without even looking at the device.

Better for Nurses
No more bleeping and waiting when you have a sick patient; Nervecentre assures the most appropriate response from a simple capture of the clinical request.

Better for The Hospital
A fully audit log of every activity allows Trusts to continuously improve processes and efficiency through a comprehensive understanding of the OOH service.

Improved Visibility
Hospital at night coordinators have full visibility of the team, and registrars are copied on all urgent tasks, allowing everyone to work more closely and improve the support for the team of junior doctors.

ePortfolio Integration
Activities performed by a junior doctor are automatically sent to the doctor the next day for easy uploading to the doctors training record.

Case Study – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

In partnership with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Nervecentre Software won the award for ‘Best use of IT to promote patient Safety’ at the prestigious EHI Awards recently held in London.

The award was won for our Hospital at Night project which, since its launch at Queen Alexandra Hospital, has seen significant reductions in out of hours red and amber incidents and crucial reductions in out of hours adverse deaths.

Nervecentre Software’s mobile solution automates the Hospital at Night processes. Ward requests are entered onto the online software and are electronically sent to the hospital at night coordinators who assign the tasks the relevant doctors or nurses with a single click. The mobile software intuitively contains real-time information of which doctors are present in the hospital, where they are and how busy they are. By using this information to coordinate requests from wards, significant benefits can be achieved in both efficiencies and safety.

Since the implementation of Hospital @ Night at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, results have shown huge improvements to patient care. Notably, the system has significantly reduced wasted time allowing nurses and doctors to spend more time on the wards with the patients. The latest results boldly show that there has been 100% reduction in out of hours adverse deaths and a 50% reduction in red and amber incidents.

To read the full case study download the pdf here > PDF_Icon

The Nervecentre and Portsmouth Hospitals Team accepting the EHI Award at the ceremony

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