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Mobile technology has the ability to make radical improvements to the efficiency of a modern Emergency Department by ensuring all clinicians have the information they need at their fingertips, and allowing the department to make the most efficient use of the teams available.

Nervecentre WISE is the first fully mobile, information and workflow system for ED, managing all interactions with the patient from from triage to admittance into the hospital, all from the clinicians mobile.

Pathway Management
Nervecentre WISE can guide the nurse through the triage process, ensuring the right information is captured, and automatically invoking the appropriate workflow depending on the condition of the patient. All locally customisable.

Visibility of Patient Status
All tasks and status information can be viewed on dashboards, along with bed requirements, providing the means to manage the department more efficiently.

Improved Handover
By ensuring all aspects of the ED journey are captured in real-time, the handover of patients can be managed more safely and more efficiently.

Optimise your Department 
Data on every activity allows full analysis of where delays are causing your department to breach waiting times.

Additional features:

  • Sepsis clinical rules – Configured to follow the latest NICE guidelines, Sepsis clinical rules can be integrated into the ED solution (CQUIN indicator)
  • ECDS – Integrates the new Emergency Care Data Set into the solution to be able to provide accurate picture of the complexity and acuity of emergency attendances.
  • SNOMED CT – Incorporates the comprehensive clinical health terminology required by all hospitals

Other Areas

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