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This advance to our mobile software platform uses vital signs, EWS and pathology results for early diagnosis of sepsis and then goes a crucial step further and ensures that the appropriate doctors and nurses are immediately alerted when a risk of sepsis has been identified.

Triggered by Observations and Pathology
Nervecentre evaluates sepsis criteria for a patient whenever new observations are entered or new lab results are received. So no matter what order the tests are performed, the patient will always get the most immediate intervention.

Sepsis and Severe Sepsis
The Trust can configure criteria for both sepsis and severe sepsis, to allow appropriate responses to each condition, and criteria can take into account an individual patient’s circumstances.

Day or Night
Fully integrated with Nervecentre’s Hospital at Night system, your patients will receive the most appropriate and rapid response 24/7.

Other serious conditions
Nervecentre’s approach to sepsis can be configured to recognise other conditions that show through a combination of lab results and observations, such as AKI or Neutropenic Sepsis.

NICE guidelines
Configured to follow the latest NICE guidelines for recognising sepsis, the software automatically alerts the clinical team if a patient shows features consistent with sepsis.

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