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5 NHS trusts across the East Midlands join Nervecentre’s innovative cloud EPR platform

cloud EPR platform for the East Midlands

A wave of NHS trusts is set to transform care at scale, fueled by Nervecentre’s cloud EPR platform.

Imagine one seamless patient record accessible across every acute hospital in a region, enabling clinicians to collaborate in real-time, effortlessly share best practices and resources, and improve the patient experience. Thanks to Nervecentre, this exciting reality is unfolding across the East Midlands region.

University Hospitals of Leicester committed to Nervecentre’s EPR in 2019. Late in 2023, Northampton General Hospital announced Nervecentre as their preferred EPR. More recently, Nottingham University Hospitals, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, and Chesterfield Royal Hospital have all signed multi-year contracts with Nervecentre to supply its EPR.

The hospitals in the region will join Nervecentre’s cloud EPR platform, which encourages borderless collaboration for participating hospitals whilst maintaining localised record-sharing autonomy.

Seamless data sharing across neighbouring trusts means:

  • Smoother patient transfers and reduced delays.
  • Safer care as a result of a single source of truth across multiple trusts and hospitals.
  • Enhanced regional collaboration on best practices and resource allocation.
  • Unified training and digital skills development for healthcare professionals.
  • Unprecedented insights into population health trends and improved care delivery.

Richard Mitchell, East Midlands Acute Provider network Chair and CEO at University Hospitals of Leicester and Northampton Group, told HSJ1, “having a single EPR in place across the region has the potential to unlock radical ambitions. The rapid adoption of digital will continue to transform services at UHL, but it is the opportunity across the East Midlands Acute Providers network – where we are seeing multiple trusts independently choose the same EPR – which has the potential to unlock our radical ambitions. Frontline digitisation is now within reach, and by working together we will transform the patient, colleague and training experience in our region.”

As more trusts commit to Nervecentre, the potential for transformation at scale grows exponentially. Other acute trusts in the region already using Nervecentre software include Bedfordshire Hospitals and Sherwood Forest Hospitals.

The message is clear: the NHS is embracing a new era of connected care, and Nervecentre is at the forefront, empowering trusts to unlock their “radical ambitions” and deliver exceptional patient experiences.

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