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Customer Responsibilities

Nervecentre requires a suitable environment to run which must be provided and supported by the Trust. This environment comprises the following:

A Data Centre comprising a number of virtual servers with a minimum specification of Dual-Core CPU, 4G RAM, 300G HDD. The quantity of servers required is 5 for deployments of less than 200 devices, 7 for deployments of 200-1000 devices, and one additional server for every 1,000 devices thereafter. This covers the provision for production services only.
Ubuntu Linux Server 12.04 LTS will be installed on these servers by Nervecentre as part of the implementation services.
An HL7 feed from the PAS providing ADT information
Mobile devices matching the models and operating system levels listed here : Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad models running IOS9 or greater, Windows Lumia 640 or 950 running Windows 8.1 or 10, Samsung Android devices supporting Android 5.x or greater
A Mobile Device Management solution capable of managing the deployment of Enterprise software onto mobile devices
For Apple devices, an Apple Enterprise Developer licence, and the signing and provisioning of Nervecentre Apps onto the MDM platform
Maintain all certificates associated with the mobile devices stored on the Nervecentre servers, recreating all certificates as required
Maintain mobile devices at the latest operating system levels as new upgrades are made available by the suppliers
A wireless network providing sufficient coverage across the entire hospital campus and configured to support rapid roaming of mobile devices to allow devices to roam without disconnection
An F5 or Cisco load balancer. The Trust must configure this as per the requirements set out in the implementation specification
A backup process to move backup files off the servers into long term storage
An N3 connection providing access to the servers for support purposes
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