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East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Live with Nervecentre Emergency Department Software at both ED Hospitals

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) are now live with Nervecentre’s ED software solution across both their Emergency Departments, Eastbourne District General Hospital and Conquest Hospital. This was an impressive achievement for both organisations which involved minimal downtime and a smooth transition onto the software for ED staff to use without any impact on the department and patients.

Building on the Nervecentre patient flow software implementation last year, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) took the next big step and agreed on Nervecentre Patient Safety and ED software implementations at the beginning of the year. The project kick-off began just as COVID-19 took hold in the UK, but both ESHT and Nervecentre agreed not only to continue the project through the pandemic but to also speed up its implementation so that the hospitals clinicians and teams could make full use of the mobile patient safety software. The ED project included the roll-out of electronic observations and clinical and administrative workflow software.

Paul Cloves, General Manager, Eastbourne District General Hospital said “This project has been a pleasure. An amazing journey, at speed, through a global pandemic but our teams have both been excellent. I am looking forward to continuing our digital journey together”.

The use of Nervecentre in the ED’s will help modernise the management of both ESHT Emergency Departments by enhancing the power of digital to maximise clinical contact time, maximise income, reduce inefficiencies and therefore improve the overall patient experience.

“This is so much quicker and easier to use” CDU Sister, Eastbourne District General Hospital

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