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EPR as a Service: a full EPR with no planned downtime. Ever.

How often have you heard or said the phrase “The planned upgrade has been delayed due to operational pressures”? Yet, you know that the upgrade would deliver benefits to frontline staff and patients. The NHS is caught in a cycle of slow-moving software that is no longer recognisable to a society that is used to cloud platforms having 100% service availability.

The Nervecentre ‘Software as a Service’ model leverages the modern, cloud-based ‘microservices’ architecture of Nervecentre, providing all of the features and functionality of our award-winning fully integrated EPR, delivered as a service, with continuous upgrades and no planned downtime – ever.

EPR as a Service

As trusts progress further along their digitisation journeys, especially with single fully-integrated EPRs, it can get more and more difficult to accommodate any planned downtime of the EPR. Trusts can become trapped. EPRs are upgraded less often to avoid disruptive downtime, so when upgrades are taken they are more substantial, more expensive, and carry more risk.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Nervecentre EPR as a Service. It’s a new managed EPR cloud platform that delivers continuous upgrades with zero planned downtime, so your frontline staff will always have access to the new features that can be critical to successful transformation.

Using microservices technologies, we’re able to upgrade all parts of the Nervecentre environment without disrupting the EPR service. This allows us to deliver new functionality continuously and without disruption. This is only possible because the entire Nervecentre suite of modules has been designed and developed in-house to follow a consistent design and be fully integrated.

Your trust benefits from a faster pace of transformation and higher levels of service availability, and your ICT teams benefit from lower infrastructure and lifecycle management costs.

Watch the webinar recording

To learn more about how we manage and continuously deploy new features onto the platform, and how the technical architecture makes this possible, please watch the EPR as a Service webinar recording.


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