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Leicester’s Hospitals use Nervecentre Assessment Software Tool to complete over 10,000,000 electronic assessments

Since 2019, Leicester’s Hospitals have completed an exceptional 10 million patient electronic assessments all on Nervecentre – saving time and minimising errors while also providing up to date management information for the hospitals.

As well as the more common electronic assessments like MUST and BRADEN, Leicester’s Hospitals have also used the ability to create their own specific set of electronic assessments in Nervecentre using the intuitive assessment creator tool. Having this tool has enabled the them to build over 20 additional assessments for speciality areas in the patient pathway such as maternity nutrition assessments, mini-mouth care bundle for paediatrics, adult mouthcare bundle, adult red flag assessments and cognitive assessments.

Here are some other statistics on the number of completed assessments in 2020 at Leicester’s Hospitals using Nervecentre:

  • Over 97,000 electronic MUST assessments completed
  • Over 140,000 Falls Risk assessments completed
  • Over 170,000 Waterlow assessments completed
  • Over 67,000 Clinical Fraility Assessments

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