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Len & Michela’s 5 Year Workiversary

We’re celebrating two of our employees working with us for 5 years. We can’t thank Len and Michela enough for all of their hard work and dedication to making a difference. We asked them a few questions to summarise their experience of working at Nervecentre.

What do you like most about Nervecentre?

I like working for a company that makes a real difference in Healthcare. I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing Clinical leads in a number of different hospitals and as an Engineering Manager understanding first hand the clinical needs before designing a technical solution has been an incredibly powerful way to ensure the product develops in the right direction.

I like the exceptional skill range within the company and how everyone puts their very best in, a truly amazing set of colleagues with such a passion for their work. As a fast-growing company, we have been through some challenges and always relied on the support of the whole team to find solutions to any issues.

We actually do something that makes a real difference, not to people lives, but to the length of their lives.

How has Nervecentre changed since you started working here? 

In the last 5 years, we have hired 40+ people, so roles and responsibilities have changed but the culture and the passion that drives this company has not changed at all.

We have deployed to more than 30 customers and everyone is very proud of the successful deliveries. It is very rewarding to look back at all the successful features that we have developed and implemented over this time: from Handover, Observations, Bed Management, Sepsis, Pathology, Spine services, integration with a number of other suppliers, Live Flow and much more, with all features on Android and Apple devices.

There are a lot more of us. We do a lot more; when I first came here we just had Hospital at Night. Now we cover the whole patient journey.

Where do you see Nervecentre in the next 5 years? 

Being innovative and agile are two of the priorities that will drive changes to what and how we deliver over the next years, but the passion, the team work and being a clinically lead organisation will still be at the core of every project.

Hopefully more of the same. We’ll continue to expand the product to improve patient care, at the same rate as we have done in the last five years.

One of the strengths of Nervecentre is the partnership between the clinical and technical teams and I’m sure that this will continue and that Nervecentre will continue to be a good place to work.

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