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Nervecentre Software win prestigious Building Better Healthcare Award

Nervecentre Software in partnership with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust have won the prestigious award for ‘Best Communications and IT product’ at the Building Better Healthcare Awards, held on 4th November 2015,

The award is a proud achievement celebrating our whole hospital mobile platform that delivers electronic observations, handover, 24/7 task management and clinical assessments; and allows governance and escalation management to be added to any hospital process. This innovative solution for NHS Trusts provides the ability to positively transform patient safety and revolutionise productivity within a hospital using our applications that make it easier for clinicians to communicate, share data, and leverage the whole hospital resources.

This is showcased in the pioneering project at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust driven by their Recognise and Rescue programme which aims to improve care of deteriorating patients through a multi-disciplinary, trust wide strategy. In 2014/15 Nottingham University Hospitals became the first UK trust to deploy an electronic observations, handover and 24/7 task management system through mobile devices designated to all 4,500 clinical staff members using Nervecentre Software.

The key innovation with the Nervecentre solution at Nottingham Hospitals is the integration of electronic observations with our Handover system. This combination enables clinicians to carry ‘real time’ patient information in their pockets wherever they are in a hospital. These two elements alone provide measurable communication benefits but with the addition of ‘intelligent escalations’ and ‘task management’ it ensures a robust 24/7 workflow that is governed and fully audible.

Nervecentre are very proud to win the ‘Best Communications and IT product’ with our colleagues at Nottingham University Hospitals as it represents all the hard work and commitment that has gone into this long-term revolutionary project.

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