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Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital successfully deploys Nervecentre Hospital @ Night Software

Northumbria Healthcare Trust are now live with the Nervecentre Hospital @ Night solution at one of their main hospital sites. The Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital at Cramlington, was chosen as the first hospital site to benefit from the deployment of this module as it is a very busy Acute Hospital taking in all of the emergency admissions from throughout the county and remains busy during the out of hours period. This site already uses the Nervecentre Emergency Department, E-Observations, Sepsis and Bed Management solutions.

Feedback from the staff using the system was extremely positive from the very beginning with the Coordinator, H@N team and the staff raising the tasks from the wards all commenting how easy it was to use. The high visibility of the workload quickly enabled the coordinators to work smarter and ensure there is a fairer more even distribution of the tasks among the junior doctors on shift.

Hospital @ Night Co-ordinator , Northumbria Specialist Care Centre: “Very simple to use and also great to be able to allocate tasks from the mobile device. The system allows us to have full visibility of all the workload and allocate the jobs out more efficiently to the relevant doctors”

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