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Sepsis Recognition & Response improvements made at NUH with help of e-screening software

The Nottingham University Hospitals annual report has shown that their new Sepsis screening tool has helped them make measurable improvements to patient safety through an early warning system for Sepsis which is an additional element of their electronic observation system.

The Sepsis screening tool at NUH has been live since March 2017 and has been vital to the Trust increasing rapid responses to Sepsis detection, the report indicates. The tool automatically reviews patients’ observations against the latest NICE* criteria and an alert is immediately sent to a doctor’s mobile if a patient presents Sepsis symptoms.

Since go-live, every month more than 90% of NUH patients receive first-line antibiotic treatment within an hour of developing Sepsis symptoms. The tool builds upon well embedded eObs and flow tools already in use across the trust.

Dr Mark Simmonds, Consultant in Acute and Critical Care Medicine, who led the trial, said the tool was an important next step in combatting sepsis. He said: “Early recognition and quick action are vital when dealing with sepsis and this tool makes both those things happen.”

Paul Volkaerts, CEO, Nervecentre stated: “The ability for NUH to ‘turn on’ sepsis screening for nearly 2,000 patients and 6,000 staff in one day demonstrates that the NHS is leading the world in next generation software. In a pager and paper based world, this could only be achieved through months of training and poster campaigns. NUH is well positioned to continue to adopt our innovative, patient safety improvements at a much faster pace than has been seen before in healthcare.”

Paul Volkaerts said of the collaborative work with NUH “we are proud to work with such a progressive Trust and glad that our technology can facilitate the improvements that their strong leadership drives.”


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