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Shaping the Hospitals of Tomorrow, Today: Nervecentre to Launch Next Generation EPR at London Science Museum

Join CIOs, CCIOs and senior clinicians from acute trusts to see how Nervecentre has redefined the Electronic Patient Record to support the modern-day challenges of the NHS.

London, June 4th 2018. The digital landscape for acute trusts is set for a major shakeup with the launch of the first new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) to hit the NHS in twenty years.

Nervecentre Software will unveil its Next Generation EPR at London’s iconic Science Museum on Wednesday 20th June.

The new system, which is fuelled by Nervecentre’s ground-breaking clinical workflow solutions, combines 21st Century mobile technology with intuitive, clinically-led design to give hospital teams access to vital real-time information at the patients’ bedside. It is the first and only EPR in the UK to be built ‘from the ground up’ to tackle demonstrable clinical needs and recognisable issues within NHS hospitals.

“The biggest challenges facing acute trusts in today’s highly-pressurised NHS are around patient safety and flow,” says Paul Volkaerts, CEO & Founder, Nervecentre Software. “But yesterday’s tools do nothing to solve today’s problems. While patient care moves in real time, traditional EPRs do not – leaving trusts at risk of failing to recognise deteriorating patients or with poor operational visibility and suboptimal flow.

“In the age of digital consumerisation, patients need, deserve and indeed expect hospitals to harness technologies that help clinicians keep pace with the real-time dynamics of acute care. The next generation of EPR tools must therefore be mobile – empowering clinicians to capture and share accurate, timely information at the bedside and use it to escalate safe, high quality care.

“Mobile tools are not new; they’re part and parcel of everyday life in the modern world. But they need to become the ‘new normal’ in NHS hospitals. Evidence increasingly shows that in the proactive trusts that have embraced mobility and equipped clinicians with modern-day tools, great things are happening.”

Nervecentre’s new integrated solution, which builds on a strong foundation of clinical workflow tools that have been deployed in trusts across the NHS since 2010, will become the UK’s first truly mobile EPR.

“Mobile EPR isn’t a PC on wheels,” says Paul Volkaerts. “It’s not even an iPad or a bulky tablet device that gets left in the office. A mobile EPR is with the clinician all the time – it’s in their pocket, ready to be used without intruding on, or breaking away from, the patient consultation. The tools of EPR must be part of the clinician’s uniform. Anything else leaves them – and the patient records they’re accessing – looking out-dated.”

Launch event
The launch of Nervecentre’s Next Generation EPR will take place in the iMAX Theatre at London’s Science Museum – a venue synonymous with medical and technological innovation. The event will not only showcase the exciting functionality unlocked by the new release, it will also explore how Next Generation EPR can help acute trusts tackle some of the most pertinent challenges facing health and social care in the 21st Century.

The launch event will include sessions on four key themes:

• Paperless – the role of technology in the journey to paperless care
• Mobile EPR – integration, clinical utility, adoption and impact
• Command & Control – regaining control of your wards
• Futures – the ‘art of the possible’ and how Nervecentre is shaping the EPR of the future.

In line with Nervecentre’s long-standing vision to create collaborative solutions that are ‘designed by clinicians, for clinicians’, the event will also share perspectives from the clinical voices at the heart of its innovations. Keynote speakers from NHS hospitals will share real-world examples of how greater mobility has helped them reinforce patient safety, establish full visibility of operations and revolutionise trust performance.

Registration for the launch, which is being attended by CIOs, CCIOs, clinicians and senior executives from across the acute sector, is still open. For further details on how to attend, visit

“The current challenges facing the NHS mean we can no longer afford to squander technological opportunities or rely on old ways of working that compromise safe, timely care,” says Paul Volkaerts. “Thankfully, the next generation of EPR has arrived. It’s not a futuristic vision – it’s within easy reach in the here and now. Nervecentre’s Next Generation EPR is ready to shape the hospitals of tomorrow, today. Join us at the Science Museum on 20th June to find out how.”

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