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Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust first to replace existing electronic observations system with Nervecentre

Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has elected to replace its previous electronic observations system with an innovative solution provided by Nervecentre Software to further improve patient care and safety.
The Trust was one of the early adopters of electronic observation software, implementing it across all three of its hospitals in 2014. Now, it is the first Trust in the country to make the move from its existing electronic observation system to the Nervecentre system.
Nervecentre uniquely provides a whole hospital platform that can deliver electronic observations, handover, task management and clinical assessments; and allows governance and escalation management to be added to any hospital process.
Migration to Nervecentre began in August, with the Trust seeing a seamless transition between electronic observation solutions and the introduction of a wide range of advanced mobile working functions, including enhanced electronic observations with an escalation facility that automatically alerts doctors and nurses to deteriorating patients.
Additionally, the software includes mobile clinical noting and handover and Hospital Out Of Hours task management. These are areas at the Trust that, until now, have relied on paper records, but this will now enable Sherwood Forest Hospitals to significantly enhance the visibility of key patient information and progress forward with its digital plans.
Morgan Thanigasalam, CCIO at Sherwood Forest Hospitals explains:  “The decision to change providers wasn’t taken lightly and involved extensive discussions exploring all options. Ultimately, we decided to work with Nervecentre Software as they were able to demonstrably provide bespoke mobile software to meet our immediate requirements, with a track record of continually innovating.
“This is a very exciting investment for us as a Trust as the software not only visibly delivers our immediate goals, getting the right information to the right place, at the right time, it also opens up the ability to implement new innovations supporting delivery of outstanding care.”
Sherwood Forest Hospitals will also be extending the use of electronic observations across new areas, including the Emergency Department and Paediatrics. Additional future benefits include a range of models that will support the Trust on its journey to be paperless at the point of care.

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