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Training Videos

Version 5

22nd August 2018

Version 5 Early Adopter Program Webinar

Watch this webinar recording, originally streamed live to customers on the Early Adopter program, for a walkthrough of the Release Notes with live demonstrations of significant changes and features.

Version 4

5th August 2017

Patient Flow Walkthrough

This 20 minute video walks through the Patient Flow feature that was introduced in Nervecentre version 4.2. Patient Flow gives a live dashboard of patient locations and bed occupancy across a department or hospital. It uses live data from the system to draw a real time flow diagram.

4th December 2017

Bed Management Walkthrough

Demonstration of the Nervecentre Bed Management feature introduced in version 4.3. Bed Management enables effective and timely flow of movement of patients and beds around a hospital with total visibility.

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