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Two NHS Trusts select Nervecentre’s innovative Emergency Department Solution to improve performance

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) have selected Nervecentre’s innovative Emergency Department solution as part of a long-term patient-safety focused strategy.

The use of Nervecentre in the ED will help modernise the management of both ESHT Emergency Departments by enhancing the power of digital to maximise clinical contact time, maximise income, reduce inefficiencies and therefore improve the overall patient experience.

Building on the Nervecentre patient flow software implementation last year, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) took the next big step and agreed on Nervecentre Patient Safety and ED software implementations at the beginning of the year. The project kick-off began just as COVID-19 took hold in the UK, but both ESHT and Nervecentre agreed not only to continue the project through the pandemic but to also speed up its implementation so that the hospitals clinicians and teams could make full use of the mobile patient safety software. The next stage is the Emergency Department solution deployment which will take place in Autumn this year.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust have also selected Nervecentre to replace their existing Emergency Department software system.

The Trusts objective for the tender was to improve patient safety and patient flow using digital technology with focus on increased functionality, support for ED processes, increased performance and reducing paper.

The Nervecentre ED solution will support the clinicians in every aspect of the patient pathway and enable sharing of information easily and quickly, ensuring care is given in a safe and timely way.

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