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Nottingham University Hospitals & Nervecentre are 2023 HTN Awards finalists

How do you get clinician adoption rates higher than 99.9% in the first few days of introducing new mobile technology?  That’s what Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust achieved with Nervecentre’s EPMA.

It’s also one of the reasons why they’re finalists in the Major Project Go-Live category of the 2023 HTN Awards.

Over two weekends, City Hospital and QMC (the second-largest hospital in the country) went live with EPMA. Meticulous planning, collaboration between clinical and non-clinical staff and Nervecentre, and simple training led to fantastic results.

  • 24,100 prescriptions were transcribed across 101 wards and 1,390 bedsHTN Awards 2023 Finalist
  • Clinicians completed 157,130 prescriptions in the first five days
  • 99.81% of these prescriptions were administered bedside on iPhones and iPads at QMC. At City, the figure was 99.93%

The initial reaction to the EPMA go-live was unanimously positive.

Feedback from pharmacists included “EPMA is going to be massively beneficial”, “Not having to search for drug charts and having everything in a central location will make my job a lot easier”, and “Support from the Digital Team was amazing”.

Doctors’ feedback included, “The new Nervecentre EPMA system is really helpful, really easy to use – two thumbs up from me”.

Nurses said they were “Really looking forward to getting rid of some drug cards and having everything in one place!”.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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